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Restoration Cleaning Service

Our Equipment

Restoration Linq acknowledges that our equipment plays a vital role in us delivering the highest quality work to industry standards. Consequently, we are committed to only buying the latest and most advanced restoration equipment that meets RCM (A/NZ) certification. Ensuring our equipment is always maintained in-line and above recommended servicing standards. Furthermore, it is our policy that our technicians stay up to date with the relevant and accredited training to operate and deploy said equipment safely and effectively.

Husqvarna DE120 Dust Extractor for highest grade cleaning using HEPA-grade filtration Restoration Linq

Husqvarna DE120 Dust Extractor

The Husqvarna DE120 Dust Extractor is a powerful, yet versatile HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter) vacuum. With high water protection and an EN1822-certified HEPA, the DE 120 is ideal for efficient decontamination and mould remediation. Additionally, the DE 120 can be operated by two technicians simultaneously ensuring speedy extraction of contaminates.

Husqvarna W70P Wet Vac

A restorer’s essential piece of equipment, the Husqvarna W70P is a powerful industrial-grade wet vacuum. Capable of pumping out at the same time as suction is occurring, the W70P is perfect for the toughest of jobs including any grey or black water work.

Husqvarna W70P Wet Vac for water extraction Restoration Linq
Drymatic II Portable dryer (DBK) for drying bound water damage Restoration Linq

Drymatic II Portable dryer (DBK)

The award-winning Drymatic 2 is a quiet, intelligent and energy-efficient portable dryer and moisture remover. The Drymatic 2 is capable of optimising drying conditions by providing both air exchanges and heating in neutral or negative pressure situations. Meaning, this machine excels in class 4 drying (saturated low permeance materials) situations. A must-have for the advanced restoration.

Husqvarna A1000 Air Cleaner

Capable of cleaning atmospheric air and providing positive or negative pressure (to reduce cross contamination), the tested and certified Husqvarna A100 Air Cleaner is one of the most advanced portable air cleaners on the market. The A1000 contains a proper curtain style H13 HEPA filter capable of 99.99% air cleaning efficiency down to 0.3 microns, removing harmful environmental particles from the atmosphere.

Husqvarna A1000 Air Cleaner for advanced air purification using HEPA-grade filtration Restoration Linq
XPOWER XD-85LH LGR Dehumidifier for moisture extration Restoration Linq

XPOWER XD-85LH LGR Dehumidifier

The XPOWER XD-85LH is a powerhouse dehumidifier that extracts more moisture than much larger models. Capable of pulling 69 litres at 32 degrees and 90% humidity, the XD-85LH suits the Eastern Australian climate perfectly. Being a low grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifier, the XD-85LH pre-cools the intake air, resulting in greater water removal, drier processed air and higher energy efficiency. Additionally, it can still pull moisture at low relative humidity (20%).

Trotec T3000 Moisture Detection Restorers Kit

Professional quality German-made meter and sensors. Our kit includes the Trotec T3000 multimeter, TP7 infrared thermometer, dielectric material moisture sensor, hygrometer sensor, surface temperature sensor, electrodes, probes, paddles and conductivity compound for efficient and accurate moisture detection and measurements.

Trotec T3000 Moisture Detection Restorers Kit Restoration Linq
HIKMICRO M10 Handheld Thermography Camera for leak detection and moisture detection Restoration Linq

HIKMICRO M10 Handheld Thermography Camera

The M10 thermography camera is perfect for temperature-measuring applications and moisture detection on-site. Moisture-laden areas will often have a lower surface temperature. Therefore, the thermal imaging available in the M10 helps restorers to quickly identify areas that require further investigation with moisture meters.

Trotec PC200 - Air Quality Measuring

On average, Australians spend 90% or more of their time indoors. Therefore, air quality within inhabited spaces is especially important for health and productivity. The PC200 detects hazardous particles effectively and reliably so appropriate restoration action can be taken.

Trotec PC200 - Air Quality Measuring to ensure accurate assessment of air quality Restoration Linq
Trotec BO22 Mini Videoscope for water damage Restoration Linq

Trotec BO22 Mini Videoscope

The Trotec BO22 Mini Videoscope is a compact visual inspection tool capable of taking pictures or videos of poorly accessible areas. The BO22 enables visual detection of mould behind kitchen and bathroom kickboards as well as other hard-to-reach places. With a camera scope diameter of 5.5 millimetres, the BO22 also reduces the invasiveness of visual inspections.

UbiBot Remote Wireless Environmental Sensing

To run restoration equipment effectively, the ambient conditions within a contained job area must be understood in detail. The UbiBot wireless environmental sensing solution allows remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and ambient light within industrial environments. As a result, restoration technicians can remotely track important information required to dry a location as efficiently as possible.

UbiBot Remote Wireless Environmental Sensing Restoration Linq
Drymatic Boost Bar HP2.2 for targeted drying of water damage Restoration Linq

Drymatic Boost Bar HP2.2

The Drymatic Boost Bar is a dynamic, high-powered heater used to deliver targeted heating to wet structures. Compatible with air movers, mat systems and injection drying kits, the Drymatic Boost Bar is adaptable to many drying situations and distributes fast and efficient target drying.

Restore Solutions Axial Fan

Axial Fans are known for their power efficiency and high airflow. As a result, they are perfect for structural drying applications when used in conjunction with dehumidifiers. Our Axial Fans are low amperage, stackable and able to be used with a fan stand. All Restoration Linq equipment is RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) Safety Compliant and SAA Approved.

Restore Solutions Axial Fan with stand to dry water effected house Restoration Linq
Restore Solutions Radial Flat Fan to dry water damage Restoration Linq

Restore Solutions Radial Flat Fan

The Radial Flat Fan is an excellent choice where space is limited and noise in occupied spaces is a concern. It is both high on-air flow and low on amperage making it an invaluable asset for drying.

Air Mover with Carpet Clamp

Perfect for drying wet floors, this air mover with carpet clamp pairs well with the Drymatic Boost Bar. It is both lightweight and draws low amps.

Air Mover with Carpet Clamp to dry water damage Restoration Linq
​Large Range of Drymatic Mats for drying water damaged areas Restoration Linq

Large Range of Drymatic Mats

Designed to work in conjunction with Drymatic heaters and air movers, the Drymatic mat system excels at drying hard-to-dry floors. Drymatic floor mats channel micro jets of warm air which changes the surface tension of the floor and releases moisture. Effective on timber floors, concrete, tiles, carpet, underlay and subfloors; our extensive range of Drymatic floor mats can be deployed quickly to dry floors efficiently.

HEYWALL Subspaces

The HEYWALL Subspace system ensures clean rooms and no cross contamination during restoration work. It can be used to separate walls, ceilings or partition area’s off. It’s quick and easy to set up, resulting in fast and safe restoration work.

HEYWALL Subspaces safe containment area for mould remediation Restoration Linq
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